Suikoden II Among Best Selling Games from December

Suikoden II

Who would have said that Suikoden II, a rare and niche Japanese role-playing game, was going to be among the best selling games on PSN this holiday season? As usual, there aren’t that many surprises and it seems people are still interested in games like Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft and Destiny. But if you check out the PlayStation Classics chart, you’ll see that Suikoden II is on top of the list and that the game below is the original Suikoden.

Top Sellers PSN (December 2014)

Although fans have been requesting the game for years, Konami finally paid attention and decided to release the JRPG on November 9th, 2014. So is Suikoden II any good? I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but the game was well received by fans of the series and critics back in the day and it’s usually included in top ten lists. If you want to find out by yourself, you can visit PSN and purchase Suikoden II for $9.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog