Top 10: Games that Should Come Out in 2015

Rock Band 3 (PS3)

I recently posted an article about games that I’m looking forward to playing this 2015. Making that list was really entertaining, so I started thinking about doing something similar and I came up with a list of some of the games that haven’t been announced yet but I’d love for them to come out this year. It’s really hard to tell when it comes to the video game industry, but if at least a few of the games below were announced, I’d be a happier person. Take into account that this is my opinion, but if you feel like I missed anything or if you want to share your opinion, write a comment below. In the meantime, this is what I’m hoping comes out in 2015.

Rock Band 4

Rock Band 2 (Screenshot)

I recently came to the realization that I really miss Rock Band in my life. I played the original non-stop on the PlayStation 2 (which ironically was the worst version of that game,) and had a lot of fun with it. More recently, I picked up a digital copy of Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz, so I’ll make it my personal quest to look for every single title in the main series that I can play on the Xbox 360. That said, I have no idea what a Rock Band 4 (or a Rock Band [insert subtitle here] would be like.) Will they focus on a specific band like The Beatles or Green Day again? Do they take the Rocksmith route and allow you to use real instruments? Whatever they do, I’ll definitely give it a chance.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero 2 (Xbox 360)

One of the reasons why I decided to start learning guitar was because of the influence some rhythm games had on me, particularly the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series. If I had to choose one, I’d definitely say that Rock Band was my favorite series, but Guitar Hero had its appeal. Maybe I included both games because I’m old and I’d like to see a world where both Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles are competing for your living room space again, but I’d still like to see what a modern Guitar Hero looks, plays and feels like.

Half-Life 3

Half-Life 2 - Deathmatch

The most obvious choice I could make, I know. But whenever I think about the ending of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, I’m reminded of the huge cliffhanger at the end of that episode. I really like the Half-Life series and Valve has a way to make first-person shooters that no other company has been able to replicate. Regardless of the nomenclature they decide to follow (either Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Half-Life 3,) I’d love to see how the story continues.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

Another obvious entry, but one that everyone has strong feelings about. Let’s be frank about it, regardless of how you feel about Shadow of the Colossus, that game was extremely ambitious in terms of scope and storytelling and you’re hard pressed to find something remotely similar even in this day and age. A lot has been said and written about The Last Guardian, but the truth is no one really knows anything about the game. Let’s hope we have more news about the spiritual successor during this year’s E3, though I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. Not again…

Portal 3

Portal Test Chamber

I’d like to see a Portal 3 because I want to see what Valve will do with this sequel. The original Portal was an amazing first-person puzzle game that felt unique and creative. Then the sequel came along and had that, but also added cooperative play, a longer campaign and a more convoluted storyline. I have no idea where you’d go from there, but if there’s a company that’s up to the challenge, that’s probably Valve. Go ahead, surprise me!

Sam & Max: Hit the Road – Special Edition

Sam & Max - Hit the Road

In a relatively short period of time we’ve seen special editions of Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle (and let’s not forget that a few years ago, we also got Monkey Island) and it seems point-and-click adventure fans are forgetting one of the best, not to mention funniest games from the genre: Sam & Max: Hit the Road. The last thing we’ve seen from Sam & Max was the episodic adventures created by Telltale Games which worked really well for them and were also praised by critics and fans of the series, but it would be amazing to get a remastered version of that game on newer platforms.

Final Fantasy VII Remastered

Final Fantasy VII (HD Mod)

Everyone has strong opinions about a high-definition version of Final Fantasy VII and the likability of that game coming out on modern consoles. Personally, I think it’s bound to happen eventually and while I couldn’t care less about an HD version of Final Fantasy VII (I haven’t finished the original PlayStation version of this game and I have two copies of it,) I really want people to stop talking about this. Call me cynical if you want, but while people keep saying they want an HD version of FFVII, I think there’s absolutely no way that can work. The chibi characters, tongue-in-cheek humor, the bizarre character design and the story wouldn’t work on game that looks like the image above.

Fez 2

Fez (Xbox Live Arcade)

Fez 2 might never happen and that still hurts. When I started playing the original Fez, I followed the same ritual. At first, I had to force myself to play the game and then I was hooked. This unconventional platformer not only took me to a different era (it sounds cliché, but Fez really did that for me,) but it also blew my mind when it came to visual tricks, chiptunes soundtrack and those terrific puzzles. I have to admit that I had to use a walkthrough to solve most of the game, but I was hooked from beginning to end. Fez 2 sounded like an amazing sequel, but unfortunately, we might never see it. Here’s to hoping.

Bloody Roar 5

Bloody Roar 2 - Bringer of the New Age

Without a doubt, Bloody Roar and Bloody Roar 2 were two of the best 3D fighting games on the original PlayStation. I know that the chances of seeing something like this in 2015 are slim at best, but I’d still love that. For those unfamiliar, Bloody Roar are three-dimensional fighting games were you assume the role of different fighters, but as you hit your opponent, you filled up a bar and when it was full, you could momentarily transform into a monster. There were a third and fourth entries in the series released for the PS2 and the PS2, Xbox and GameCube, respectively and while they didn’t receive glowing reviews or anything like that, a lot of people enjoy them. We’re living in a world without a new Bloody Roar and it’s time to change that Konami.

Bushido Blade 3

Bushido Blade

I have no idea what it’s taking its developers so long, but they should start working on a modern take on Bushido Blade as soon as they can. Another obscure fighting game from the PlayStation era that not a lot of people had a chance to play back in the day. And the fact that these games aren’t on PSN doesn’t help either. In this unconventional fighting game, matches are matter of seconds, since each player uses a sword or a katana and you could disable and kill your opponent in one slash.