Top 10: Most Creative Save Points

Dark Souls Bonfire 2

At their core, save points are in-game locations where you can manually save your progress and while most games do this in the most boring ways possible, others decided to go completely bonkers and do something silly. Of course, the most convenient way of saving your progress (as long as it doesn’t break the game,) is automatic saving, but that doesn’t mean that you can do something ingenious with it, right? With that in mind, I wrote a list with some of the weirdest and most creative save points in video games.

Resident Evil – Typewriter

Resident Evil - Typewriter

This is probably one of the most memorable save points in video games, especially for those who have been playing games since the 90s. It’s worth mentioning that the first two entries in the Resident Evil series implemented this in the most cumbersome and impractical way possible (basically, you needed ink ribbons to save and if you didn’t have them… well, tough luck.) But newer games in the series allowed you to save as many times as you wanted.

Dark Souls – Bonfire

Dark Souls Bonfire

Although simple in nature, bonfires completely fit the Dark Souls universe. Think about it, you’re always playing this game stressed because you have no idea what lies ahead and when you finally reach the next bonfire, you get a feeling of satisfaction and gratification. Apart from allowing you to save your progress, bonfires also let you level up and heal.

Dead Rising – Bathroom

Dead Rising 2 (Save)

Not only does this make sense, but entering a bathroom to save is hilarious the first couple of times you do it. Going to the bathroom is a sort of relaxing thing we all take for granted, but in the zombie apocalypse, this is a commodity and when you finally have the chance to do it, you feel safe if only for a few seconds.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Cassette Tapes

GTA - Vice City Save Point

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a game oozes all things 80s and what better to celebrate that specific point in time that with all these nice touches, including cassette tapes to save your progress. I also almost included San Andreas which features a floppy disk as a way of saving the game which just screams 90s if you ask me.

Dragon Quest VIII – Churches and Priests

Dragon Quest VII - Journey of the Cursed King (PS2)

In some games from the Dragon Quest series, you save the game by chatting with a priest. If you think about it, this makes sense, since you could “confess” all the sins you’ve committed in battle, but this doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a crazy idea (take into account that Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior is a Japanese series.) Also, priests can revive party members, remove curses and so on.

Metal Gear Solid – Codecs

Metal Gear Solid Codec Sequence

Codecs felt inventive in several ways when Metal Gear Started used them for communication, character interaction and saving. In order to do so, you needed to call to a specific frequency, chat with a character (in Metal Gear Solid 3, for instance, Para-Medic talked about films from the 70s) and then you could save. Also, the Raiden/Rose talks get extra points for being as insane as video game dialogue gets.

No More Heroes – Toilets

No More Heroes (Toilets)

No More Heroes takes this idea from Dead Rising and runs with it. Why do I mean by run with it? While you could go to the bathroom and save in Dead Rising, the protagonist of No More Heroes literally pulls down his pants, sits in the toilet and… well, he saves the game.

Left 4 Dead – Safe Houses

Left 4 Dead Safehouse

Another part of the game that’s a sight for sore eyes. Left 4 Dead is always incredibly fun, but at times, it can be a pretty overwhelming title. So when you finally reach the end of a level, there are literally hundreds of undead viciously rushing towards you and seeing a safe house graffiti is the best thing that could happen to you.

ICO – Benches


Like most of the entries in this list, the bench scene in ICO simply fits within the context of the game. In this case, explaining what makes it so atmospheric and appropriate is hard if you haven’t play the game. But it basically happens after solving puzzles and slaying monsters and in that simple moment, ICO becomes touching and calm.

Mother 3 – Frogs


This is almost impossible to describe if you haven’t had a chance to play Mother 3 (also known as the sequel to Earthbound.) Everything about this game is completely bonkers and the save points are no exception. In some of the weirdest locations in the game, you’ll find an army of frogs that allow you to deposit money and save the game. Right… that makes sense.