In the Name of the Kind 2: Two Worlds Movie Review

In the Name of the King 2 is plain and dumb entertainment at its finest, so grab some popcorn and be prepared to waste some time.

For years, different directors, producers and actors have tried to make successful films based on movies. Although some of those movies were more popular than others and some of them have managed to make a lot of money, there was nothing about this sub-genre worth recommending. As a consequence, it’s hard to get excited whenever a new video game movie is announced or suddenly comes out in the form of a direct-to-DVD release. As a sequel to a mediocre B-movie, In the Name of the King 2 starts with the left foot and it goes downhill from there.

In the Name of the King 2 -Two Worlds 01

Set in Vancouver in the present day, this sequel changes the rural and fantastical setting of the original “In the Name of the King” for something fresh and inventive. At least that’s what I though as soon as I started watching. The movie follows a former Special Forces soldier Granger who’s now working as a martial artist teacher. One day, he goes back to his house, drinks a glass of whiskey and gets ready to take a bath when he’s attacked by a couple of hooded assassins and a sorceress transports him to the ancient Kingdom of Ehb via a magical portal. It appears Granger is the chosen one, the man from an ancient prophecy who’s supposed to kill the leader of the “Dark Ones” and end the suffering of his people.

As most of you probably know, In the Name of the King is based on Dungeon Siege, a popular series of action RPGs. When I was watching the first minutes of Two Worlds, I though the present day setting meant that the movie was going to take place in the real-world and actually do something different. So when the obvious happened and the portal transported the protagonist to a magical land, I felt insulted. You can guess what happens in this world of wonder and magic. This is the kind of movie that even if you couldn’t hear the characters, you know what they are saying and you know what’s going to happen next. For a world of magic and wonder, In the Name of the Kind 2 is a dull, insipid and predictable movie.

But despite all the bad things I can say about In the Name of the King 2, this isn’t a horrendous video game movie. In the Name of thew King 2 is at least bearable and that’s probably the best compliment I can give to an Uwe Boll film. But the fact that the movie’s tolerable doesn’t mean that it isn’t without some serious problems. Without making reference to specifics, the ending was absolutely terrible and laughable in the worst way possible, since it t felt rushed, unnecessary and abrupt.

In the Name of the King 2 -Two Worlds 02

Granger: “You were never king. History’s full of losers like you.”

In the end, In the Name of the King 2 is a mediocre video game movie that doesn’t stand out in any meaningful way. As part of this sub-genre, you can definitely do worse, so there’s always that. But if you do watch this movie, don’t expect intriguing characters, an imaginative story or something that challenges you intellectually. This is plain and dumb entertainment at its finest, so grab some popcorn and be prepared to waste some time.