Pixels Movie Review

Pixels is so bad that it makes you hate the things you love the most.

Nowadays, pretty much any movie receives some sort of coverage before it comes out, but I feel like Pixels received even more attention than your average upcoming flick. That happened because Adam Sandler was involved (a comedian whose movies have been on a downward spiral ever since Happy Gilmore came out) and because Pixels is a video game movie and those have a poor track record. So ever since Pixels was announced, this seemed like a deadly cocktail, a recipe for disaster that was going to be hated by anyone who laid eyes on it. But no one prepared me for what this comedy movie has to offer.

Sam Brenner: "We got this, if we don't, the world ends."

Sam Brenner: “We got this, if we don’t, the world ends.”

The movie tells the story of a group of kids who were so good at playing arcade video games that they decided to enter the world video game championships. Ultimately, Sam Brennar and his nemesis, Eddie Plant, had to face each other in a game of Donkey Kong. Sam eventually loses the tournament and grows up to become Adam Sandler and his best friend, called Will Cooper, becomes the president of the United States. In the modern world playing video games is apparently a useless skill, but that’s about to change. Suddenly planet Earth is invaded by aliens who challenge human players to play some arcade classics and Brennar, Plant, Cooper and The Wonder Kid come together to destroy the galactic invaders once and for all.

Above all, this is a comedy film, so even those who aren’t into video games can watch it. But I often wondered who is this movie for? How many teenagers recognize some of the classic games mentioned in this movie, including Pac-Man, Centipede, Asteroids, Galaga and Q-Bert, among others. I wonder how many adults are still passionate about arcade game to watch almost two hours of Adam Sandler dancing around, making funny noises and insulting his friends. But regardless of how old you, you won’t find Pixels funny. The Wonder Kid, for instance, plays video games, enjoys One Tree Hill and lives with his grandmother. Adam Sandler enters a secret presidential meeting and makes fun of the members of the committee by comparing them to popular characters. The jokes are so outdated and clichéd that it’s almost impossible to find them remotely funny. If at any point, Adam Sandler or anyone from his posse ever becomes president, I’ll be happy when the aliens come to Earth to take over.

Sam Brenner: "Pac-Man's a bad guy?"

Sam Brenner: “Pac-Man’s a bad guy?”

To be fair, Pixels is based on a French short movie of the same name and this film intends to be a somewhat loyal adaptation to the award-winning 2-minute short. But the problem isn’t that the movie is based on a short film, but the fact that Pixels slapped Hollywood comedians, terrible jokes and a flat story to a pretty basic premise.

Pixels is a reminder of what popular culture has taught us since we were kids: playing video games is a complete waste of time and you’re going to die alone. I find it ironic how one of the worst movies in recent memory dares to make fun of a beloved past time. But that’s Pixels in a nutshell. This movie lacks so much, that it has to rely on easy jokes, lazy dialogue, flat and boring characters and outdated stereotypes and one in their right mind should watch this willingly.