Company of Heroes Movie Review

Poor performances, bad dialogue and sloppy special effects make Company of Heroes one of the last options you should consider if you want to watch a war film.

As soon as I became aware that there was a film based on Company of Heroes, I wondered why you needed the game’s name attached to this project? As you’d expect, you don’t need it at all, since this adaptation is loosely based on the Relic Entertainment’s real-time strategy video game and I’m making emphasis on loosely here. Regardless of how you feel about the film’s name and its relationship with the source material, at least Company of Heroes is set in a real conflict which is at least refreshing for a video game movie. Sadly, Company of Heroes takes so many liberties to tell this story, that it’s hard to care about the characters and anything that happens to them.

Company of Heroes Soldiers Running

Company of Heroes follows a platoon of American soldiers during World War II as they find themselves behind enemy lines. Soon enough, they find out that Hitler is developing a super bomb in a secret nuclear facility and the American squad sets out to find the scientist who developed the powerful weapon before the Nazis can use it. As you can see, there are no zombies, vampires or Martians in this video game movie which at least makes it different to everything else in the genre.

Company of Heroes might have sounded like a great idea on paper, but a few minutes after I started watching, I noticed several inconsistencies. For starters, some specific scenes have poor special effects which lessens their impact and makes some of the battles look contrived. Also, I found it hard to relate to some of the protagonists which is a serious problem in a movie of this kind. Some of the most memorable films about World War II have great dialogue and deep characterization. Unfortunately, I never got that feeling from watching Company of Heroes.

Most importantly, Company of Heroes fails to show the horrors of war in a convincing way and instead relies on action scenes that glorify violence and death. This is an unrealistic depiction of World War II filled with glaring inaccuracies like infinite ammo, soldiers that fall before they are shot and a small platoon of American soldiers that kill hundreds of Germans. In a way, Company of Heroes is an action movie that happens to be set in one of the worst armed conflicts in history. The poor performances, bad dialogue and sloppy special effects make Company of Heroes one of the last options you should consider if you want to watch a war film.

Company of Heroes Kiss

The first few minutes lead you to believe that it’s a movie about World War II where you meet a platoon of likable soldiers and follow them as they infiltrate Nazi Germany. Part of that statement is true, but for the most part, Company of Heroes is a straightforward action movie with little characterization, several shootouts and explosions and even a high-speed chases or two. If you came to this movie hoping to learn something about WWII, meet memorable characters or see a touching story, you’ll be sorely disappointed.