Hitman: Agent 47 Movie Review

Hitman: Agent 47 is an expensive yet bland production that manages to stay boring and unimpressive from the moment it starts until the credits roll.

A movie based on Hitman already exists and it wasn’t particularly well-received. Anyone who watched the action-thriller fiasco probably found it hard to get excited about the recent reboot, since this was a recipe for disaster from the beginning which is usually the case for all movies based on video games. Hitman: Agent 47 is an expensive yet bland production that manages to stay boring and unimpressive from the moment it starts until the credits roll. Hitman: Agent 47 doesn’t even manage to surpass its predecessor, which, by the way, had set the bar really low.

Hitman - Agent 47 02

As most of you might know, Agent 47 is a professional assassin who has been trained as such ever since he was a child. In a way, the clone soldier is the perfect killing machine, since he can track down, question and kill virtually any target on the planet. As part of his latest hit, Agent 47 travels to Berlin where he finds a woman who can perceive things that are far from her sensory radius. Her name’s Katia and she has spent most of her life looking for her father, so now she must use her heightened senses to join forces with Agent 47 and bring down the corporation known as the Syndicate.

Right from the get go, you’ll notice that the story’s nothing special and it’s something you could find in one of the Hitman video games. In addition, the characters are flat. Katia can learn languages, memories and abilities just by touching anyone, which is convenient for the story to progress, but it never felt like something that made a lot of sense in content. Agent 47 uses a lot of disguises that he steals from people and I’ve always found it funny how nobody identified him even though he’s bald and has a big bar code on his forehead.

The characters are so one-dimensional that I never felt attached to any of them, so whenever they were in danger, I couldn’t care less about what happened to them. In fact, I kind of felt bad for the nameless, faceless bad guys, since they had to face the most powerful assassin in history and a woman who could read minds. That doesn’t feel like a fair fight if you ask me, but you have to hand it to them, since they keep coming back.

Hitman - Agent 47 03

Agent 47 does everything you’d expect from a film based on Hitman: the assassin kills everyone who gets in his way and in the flashiest ways possible, the agent and Katia have some sort of emotional connection and they have to work together to save her father and defeat the evil organization. Of course, between every major event, there’s a shootout or action scene with guns, explosions and fast cars.

Some of the flashy action scenes are entertaining to watch, but there’s nothing compelling connecting one from the next. In a way, I feel like Hitman: Agent 47 goes through the motions and it does what it is expected from it and nothing else. Despite all its flaws, this can be a visually impressive-looking film. The special effects are more than competent, the cinematography looks great and the action scenes are at least entertaining. The problem is that everything that surrounds those good looks feels soulless and lacking in personality.

This is the second attempt at trying to adapt Hitman to the big screen and the result has been so poor that I hope it discourages any potential sequels or reboots. Like its predecessor, Agent 47 feels like an expensive and weak adaptation that even fans of the source material can totally do without.