Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle Movie Review

The disappointing fights, erratic animation, shallow characters and excessive fan service make Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle a flawed and disappointing animated film.

For the uninitiated, the Fatal Fury movie adaptations have a turbulent past. Both Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf and Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture have terrible stories that go out of their way to alienate everyone other than fans, fan service that objectifies women, inconsistent animation, over-theatrical voice acting and shallow characters. So forgive me if I wasn’t holding my breath for Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle to be any good. I usually try to approach movies that I hadn’t watched without any preconceived ideas, but in this case, they turned out to be right.

Fatal Fury 2 - The New Battle Joe and Mai

Set after the events from the first Fatal Fury, The New Battle introduces a new antagonist known as Wolfgang Krauser (whose strongest feature is a German accent) who faces Terry Bogard and defeats him because the American fighter isn’t in full health. To make it an honorable fight, Krauser tells Terry to rest because there will be another fight in Germany soon, but instead of starting his training for the upcoming rematch, Terry gets depressed, takes up drinking and starts brawls in bars. Luckily, his friends Andy, Joe and Mai will help him recover and defeat powerful fighter Krauser. But first, they have to practice their iconic techniques and train hard.

In a way, The New Battle is all about the fight between Terry and Krauser, but the movie stretches that for 75 minutes. By the time the most important fights take place, I was too bored to pay attention and this is stretched for so long that it makes feel the conclusion anticlimactic. Additionally, most of the fights are ruined by the erratic animation.

The New Fight has several references to past events that not everyone is familiar with, but the worst part about the plot is that it’s absolutely ridiculous. Some of the stupidest moments I remember are when Terry Bogard sees a kid almost beaten to death and does absolutely nothing for a while and when Krauser plays the church organ in his European castle, as evil men usually do in their free time. Also, The New Battle objectifies women every chance it gets: Master Jubei Yamada grabs Mai’s breasts, we see her taking baths, she rarely using a bra, her clothes torn off in the fights, she’s kidnapped and a man has to rescue her and the list goes on and on. I know this is a 90s movie, but the fan service and sexism can be overwhelming at times.

Fatal Fury 2 - The New Battle (Header)Fatal Fury 2 - The New Battle Mai Breasts

Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle is destined to fans of the franchise and everyone else will struggle to understand what’s happening. The disappointing fights, erratic animation, shallow characters and excessive fan service make this a flawed animated film that although moderately entertaining at times, it’s a disappointing all the same.