Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez Movie Review

Anyone remotely interested in Street Fighter and the professional scene that surrounds the game, should watch Cultivation because it shows what playing the game at a professional level implies.

Cultivation is a sponsored documentary that gives a comprehensive look into the life of a professional Street Fighter player known as Snake Eyez. His real name is Darryl S. Lewis and he grew up in Compton, a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles, where he discovered the Street Fighter series. Over the years, he’s acquired a reputation as the best Zangief in both Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. As a way of improving his game, Snake Eyez traveled to Japan so that he could play against some of the best players in the world. During this journey, he meditates, practices in arcades against strangers and goes to a Tokyo Game Show tournament.

Apart from following the professional fighting game player on his journey to improve his skills, this documentary gives a brief explanation about the game, the characters, his friends, the arcade era, EVO, some analysts and different playstyles through a series of intriguing interviews. To be clear, you need to be somewhat familiar with the Street Fighter scene to get the most out of it, but you can still enjoy this documentary if you’re not familiar with the game and the community surrounding it. But this documentary shows that there’s so much more involved: you have to know match-ups, personal preference, focus, and prepare mentally and physically before each match.

Cultivation gives you a look into the life of just one professional players and what playing at that level entails and that’s fascinating to see. It also shows how deceivingly simple fighting games can be (or any game that can be played competitively) and how with time, dedication, will and sacrifice, you can become one of the best.