The Angry Birds Movie Movie Review

The Angry Birds Movie lacks the soul of the games and the laughs of similar CGI films.

Who would have guessed that a physics-based puzzle game with birds and pigs was going to become a cultural sensation? But it did and soon after Angry Birds came out, the development team started working on new iterations so the birds eventually met Green Day, traveled to Space, became Star Wars characters and more. Unfortunately, the family friendly film adaptation lacks the soul of the games and the laughs of similar CGI films.

But what about the story? After all, once would have to assume that adapting an app that’s all about guiding birds towards structures into a movie must be hard. This is what you should know: Red doesn’t know how to deal with some of the problems in his life so he suffers from angry episodes. When this becomes too much for him to handle, Red is forced to undergo anger management classes and this is where the feathered friend meets all the other Angry Birds (Bomb, Terence, Chuck and their instructor Matilda.) Eventually, a group of colonizing pigs reach the shores of Bird Island, Red sneaks up on their ship and realizes their intentions. But the rest of the birds don’t believe Red, so he’ll spend the rest of the movie trying to save the island with his friends.

The talent behind the voice acting is undeniable (Peter Dinklage, Michael Keegan-Kay and Sean Penn voice some of the protagonists,) but this isn’t a movie that can be saved by the performances of popular actors. The script is uninspired, the animation is merely competent and the jokes are simply not that funny. About that last point, the film relies on puns (some examples include bird control, Calvin Swine, hamnesty international and pluck my life) and physical comedy, but for the most part. But this is a movie where laughs are supposed to come from birds who happen to be angry, but a bird with a colorful plumage and a frowny face isn’t enough to make most people chuckle.

The only thing I liked about the Angry Birds movie was the soundtrack, but this comes with a caveat. Some of the songs include Paranoid, Behind Blue Eyes, Desperado and Rock You like a Hurricane, but they aren’t put to great use. They feel completely forced and awkward whenever they come up and while I liked the fact that they were included, they don’t fit in well with the story.

The Angry Birds Movie 02

When you think about the fact that this movie is an adaptation of a popular app, The Angry Birds Movie is extremely entertaining, but that’s not enough. This may be the natural extension of the franchise and people who spent hours destroying structures with furious birds will probably be glued to a bigger screen they are used to, but they all deserve better.