5 Services to Watch Video Game Movies


In this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to watch movies from a specific genre in a single place. Although Netflix used to have complete catalogs and franchises, the streaming services has chosen to develop its own series and movies because they have lost a lot of deals. That’s just one example of what some of the most popular streaming services have to deal with nowadays. But let’s say you want to start watching movies based on video games, which resources do you need and which streaming services has the most films?


Netflix (Logo)

Netflix might not have as many movies and series as it used to, but it’s still a giant in the entertainment industry. That said, there are still several video game movies available in the streaming service and in the best quality possible. Apart from the usual movies based on video games there are also documentaries and television series as well and chances are, if you’re into movies, you’re already subscribed to it.


YouTube (Logo)

As far as free digital services go, nothing comes even close to YouTube. YouTube also has dozens of video game movies in both official and unofficial capacities (as most people know, some videos are taken down due to copyright infringement, but a lot of them in grayer area remain there for a long time.) So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to watch some video game movies and you don’t care that much about quality, YouTube is the app for you. Note that a lot of the most obscure movies, series and documentaries are only available on YouTube.


Crackle (Logo)

Sony’s digital distribution service isn’t that popular, but it has a couple of things going for it. For one, it’s available for free and you can install it on a variety of platforms (consoles, PC, Android, iOS, Roku and more.) Some things that will probably scare some people away is the fact that the movies are in constant rotation, Crackle only offers standard quality and only has movies from Sony Pictures. That said, if you don’t want to spend money on other services and you don’t mind watching movies in SD, you should give it a chance.


CrunchyRoll (Logo)

Crunchyroll only specializes in anime and Asian dramas, so if you’re into those genres, subscribing to the service is a no-brainer. As most of you already know a lot of video game movies come from Japan and in anime form and Crunchyroll has a lot of those that you can watch. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a free version of Crunchyroll available to everyone on some platforms, but it only has episodes in SD quality. Still, if you want to check out the service before subscribing, that’s a perfect opportunity.

Personal Home Center (PLEX, DVD, Blu-Ray, Kodi)

UMD (Universal Media Disc)

Finally, you can make your own collection of video game movies depending on the formats you prefer (digital, home theater, physical and so on.) There’s certain pride behind collecting discs or ripping said discs to have your own collection. Of course, this usually ends up being more time-consuming and expensive, but at least you have something to hold on to and a lot of people like that.