5 of the Best Survival Horror Games on the PSone

Silent Hill 04

The original PlayStation was home to some of the best and most influential survival horror games ever made. Of course, the console was so popular that the same could be said about pretty much every genre, but there’s something special about horror and the PlayStation. So if you’re in the mood to play some survival horror games and you don’t mind going back a few generations, here are some great games for you.

5. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare


In The New Nightmare (which is the fourth installment in the series,) you’re given the option to choose the protagonist you want to start as: one side of the plot focuses on action and the other on puzzles, until eventually, the two plots intersect. The satisfying action, creepy atmosphere and story twists make this a recommendable horror game, even if the PlayStation version isn’t the most technically advanced.

4. Parasite Eve


As s survival horror game, Parasite Eve is quite unconventional, since the game (which was developed by Square Enix) incorporates action role-playing game elements. In a way, Parasite Eve has more in common with Final Fantasy than with Resident Evil, but there’s something haunting about the game and if you don’t believe me, you should watch the opening opera scene where everyone randomly combusts inside a theater. In the game, you play as Aya Brea, a New York Police officer who’s trying to stop a monster that will destroy the human race through spontaneous human combustion. The detailed cinematic sequences, mature tone and attention to detail make Parasite Eve worth playing, but don’t expect any voice acting unfortunately.

3. Dino Crisis


Developed by the same team behind Resident Evil, Dino Crisis is a survival horror game where you play as a special operations agent who’s investigating a secluded research facility that’s been taken over by dinosaurs. There’s 3D environments, action, puzzles, three possible endings and intelligent enemy artificial intelligence, but the main draw comes from the possibility of fighting against dinosaurs instead of brain-eating zombies.

2. Resident Evil 2


Taking place a few months after the events from the first Resident Evil and set in Raccoon City, Resident Evil 2 puts you in the shoes of two characters Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield after a zombie outbreak. Exploration, puzzle solving and combat are the three pillars of this seminal survival horror game. The accomplished atmosphere and cinematic storyline make this the essential survival horror game.

1. Silent Hill

Silent Hill 01

In Silent Hill you play as everyman Harry Mason as he investigates the seemingly deserted town of Silent Hill and searches for his lost daughter. It’s only a matter of time before he runs into a cult performing a ritual to revive an old deity. According to your actions in this third-person horror game, you can unlock one of five possible endings (including one joke ending.) Thanks to the more mature tone, psychological horror, disturbing atmosphere, engrossing audio and grainy visuals, Silent Hill on the PlayStation is a one-of-a-kind game.