Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge Review

While it doesn’t bring many new features, those interested in playing Monkey Island 2, should download this special edition right away.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition was a successful attempt at introducing the beloved point-and-click adventure to a modern console and a new generation of players thanks to high-definition graphics, a useful hint system and the possibility of switching back and forth between the original visual style and a completely new one. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge follows the same formula and while it doesn’t bring many new features, those interested in playing the game, should download this version right away.

LeChuck’s Revenge picks up right where its predecessor left off. Those who played the first Monkey Island surely remember that at the end of the game, you defeat your arch-nemesis Pirate LeChuck by blowing him into thousands of little pieces. But as the subtitle of this sequel suggests, the antagonist’s back and he wants to avenge his own death. In this sequel, you still play as numskull pirate wannabe GuybrushThreepwood and as part of his latest adventure, he’s looking for the four parts of a treasure map that will take him somewhere known as the Big Whoop. For the most part, the story’s hilarious and the game’s packed with references to other Lucas Arts titles.

Like the original Monkey Island, the puzzles are cleverly designed and there’s always room for you to think outside the box, though some brainsteasers are extremely convoluted. There’s still a hint system in this special edition that nudges you in the right direction, but since you’re coming back and forth all the time and since you’re trying to find four pieces of a map, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing. As in most graphic adventures, a solution to this problem would be to use a walkthrough when the puzzles become too hard for their own good, but it’s a shame that sometimes you need an external resource other than what’s already in the game to finish it.

Other than the hint system, this special edition has high-definition graphics, achievements, leaderboards, controller support, voice acting and developer’s commentary. Of course, the most apparent new features are the graphics’ enhancement and the voice acting. As in its predecessor, this aspect is amazing: the new appearance manages to look new without compromising the style of the classic PC game and the best part is that you can still switch between the new style and that of the original Monkey Island 2. The voice acting is also great because the voices of those legendary characters are fitting and pleasant to listen to.

The other characteristic that deserves a mention is the developer’s commentary. By going to the settings, you can allow this new feature which means that on certain scenes, you can press a button and listen to the developers talk about the challenges of crafting that part of the game or certain anecdotes about its development. This is enlightening and more games should have it because you get to listen to the intricacies of developing a game and it all comes from the people that made it.

Monkey Island 2 is a charming and hilarious game and this approach is reflected in the graphics, dialogue, voice acting, character design, puzzles and pretty much every part of the game. A song from deceased parents, lazy pirates who try to portray modern life through a living art piece, an old hermit who challenges you to a drinking game spitting competitions and the list of best moments that put a smile on my face go on and on.

Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck’s Revenge Special Edition is actually especial thanks to a bunch of features that make this game playable in this day and age. The only part that overshadows those otherwise fantastic Lucas Arts point-and-click adventure is its divisive ending, but if you’re interested in checking out Monkey Island 2, this version is the one to get.