Top 5: Best Gaming-Related YouTube Channels of 2017

I spend most of my free time trying to discover my next favorite thing. That’s how my relationship with video games, music, movies, television series, books and technology has been like for the past few years. YouTube is one of the many platforms out there that’s crawling with talented people, but there are so many channels and they cater to so many different audiences, that it’s difficult to find something that stand out. Below, you’ll find some of my favorite YouTube channels that’s I’m following on a regular basis and while some of them might not be for you, I urge you to give them a chance. What are some of your favorite YouTube channels you’re subscribed to and why do you like them so much?

Metal Jesus Rocks

What’s refreshing about this channel is how genuine the person running it seems. Listening to Seattle-Based video game collector Metal Jesus is fresh and entertaining because you can tell that he’s talking about what he likes. Although his channels also focuses on music, Jason (that’s Metal Jesus’ real name) mostly discusses video games in the form of reviews, anecdotes or informal editorials and he even replies to questions from Patreon subscribers . If you want to watch a channel that does something other than let’s play videos or reviewers who swear, give this channel a chance.


As far as video game websites go, GameSpot is a behemoth that’s been around since video game websites are a thing. And its channel proves that they know what they are doing. Although people are drawn to this channel for different things (I enjoy watching reviews, video podcast The Lobby and some special features like Reboot,) GameSpot also does daily news, trailers, let’s play videos, tournaments, special livestreams and the list goes on and on. If you’re into video games, this channel is hard to ignore.

Giant Bomb

My heart belongs to Giant Bomb. Ever since the website launched in 2008, I visit it on a daily basis to read reviews, editorials, event coverage and to listen to their amazing podcast the Giant Bombcast. Its YouTube channel is primarily a collection of Quick Looks, but they also release a video version of their weekly podcast, gameplay videos of unfinished games, live panels, livestreams and lately they’ve released unadulterated footage from old events.

Lord Karnage

Lord Karnage’s channel has been around for a long time (around a decade) and I keep coming back to it to watch some reviews of classic games that few take the time to even check out. Unlike most of the channels on this list, Lord Karnage sometimes pays more attention to comedy than facts, so definitely take that into account. But make no mistake, you’ll learn a lot about classic games and consoles while you’re laughing, so if you’re interested in old consoles, watch a few of these videos.


Although this is a relatively new channel, Noclip is one of the best documentary-based YouTube channels. Created by former video producer at GameSpot, Danny O’Dwyer, he focuses on specific video games and releases a documentary about that title in particular which usually include his personal opinions and interviews with developers. It wasn’t until recently that people started paying attention to video games as a culturally significant medium and someone has to document everything that surround those games. I’m glad someone as talented as O’Dwyer is dedicating so much time to this.

Other gaming channels I recently subscribed to are Cloth Map and My Life in Gaming, but I haven’t had the chance to dedicate as much time as I want to.