Darkstalkers Resurrection Free on PlayStation Plus This July

As the PlayStation Blog announced in a recent post, classic 2D fighting game Darkstalkers Resurrection will be available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers this July, 2017 on the PS3. For those unfamiliar, the game compiles Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge which came out in 1995 and Darkstalkers 3 that came out in 1997 and both titles come with a bunch of new features, including high definition visuals, online multiplayer, replay sharing, spectator mode and more.

In my review, I called Darkstalkers Resurrection “a fantastic remake that adds much more than a high-definition treatment and a few extra modes.” The game was developed by Iron Galaxy Studios that also worked on popular fighting games, like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins and the terrific Killer Instinct reboot.