What Is Evo? Movie Review

It’s a shame that this documentary’s so brief and never gets to explore more aspects about the fighting game community, but I’m glad I watched it nonetheless.

As its name suggests, this really short video tries to answer a simple question: what is EVO? Through a series of interviews with both luminaries, cosplayers and competitors, the video offers a short introduction to the Evolution Championships. And believe it or not, it’s effective and it even manages to discuss (however briefly) some of the problems with the fighting game community such as some of the male’s players attitude towards women and playing games professionally.

It all comes from a sincere place, so this is not a series of interviews where people telling to play games for a living to make millions and be liked by the community. But if there’s anything I can complain about is that the film’s way too short and it barely touches upon some of the issues it brings up.

And that’s what makes this short documentary so hard to rate. It’s only 9 minutes long, so everyone interested should go ahead and watch it. I feel like it’s successful because it answers the question it sets out to answer, but at the same time, I can’t help but lament that it’s so brief and that it never gets to explore more aspects about the fighting game community. In other words, it left me wanting for more.