How to Play Final Fantasy II

While the original Final Fantasy introduced the world to the franchise, it wasn’t until Final Fantasy II that we met elements that later became staples, such as Chocobos or the recurring character known as Cid. For a sequel, the second Final Fantasy was bold, introducing a completely new leveling system that got rid of experience points and introducing a new system where your characters statistics improved the more you used them. Over the years, Final Fantasy II came out on a variety of systems, so choosing the best version is daunting to say the least, but here’s an article explaining some of the most meaningful changes for each version available in English.

Final Fantasy: Origins (PlayStation)

The PlayStation version of Final Fantasy II features improved graphics, a remixed soundtrack that uses the capabilities of the hardware, FMV sequences, art galleries and a memo save function. Of course, this version has the added bonus of coming with the first game in the series in the same package. Also, take into account that Final Fantasy: Origins is available as a downloadable title for the PSP and PS3, since the game’s part of the PSOne Classics program.

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (Game Boy Advance)

Apart from featuring improved visuals, Dawn of Souls has four extra dungeons in a bonus storyline called Soul of Rebirth, an updated bestiary and some tweaks in the script that make the experience more palatable for newcomers. As the name of the game suggests, this is a compilation, so you’re getting two games for the price of one and in portable form.

Final Fantasy II (PlayStation Portable)

Final Fantasy II for the PSP has all the enhancements from Dawn of Souls, as well as FMV sequences, a remixed soundtrack and a completely new graphics engine. The high-resolution 2D graphics aren’t for everyone, so make sure to check out some videos or screenshots to see if they’re for you or not. Like Dawn of Souls, this is a portable version, so being able to play it wherever you want is definitely a plus.

Final Fantasy II (iOS, Android)

Final Fantasy II for mobile is based on the PSP version of the game, so go back to the previous paragraph to see all the specific changes. Of course, the main change comes in the form of touchscreen controls, but other than that, this port remains unchanged. The best part about the iOS and Android version is that everyone has a smartphone, making it one of the best options for most people.