About the Rating System

To write any review a clear criterion should be followed. The reviewing process is always serious, people who read reviews are looking for an honest opinion about a particular product as they don’t want to waste time or money. The mission of this basic and rudimentary (but effective) rating system is to provide all the necessary information you need about a particular video game.

The games are rated in a scale from 1 (the worst) to 5 (the best) stars and half-stars are not included. Five star rating is considered standard and many popular web pages use it to qualify various products. This system represents the game’s overall quality and should only be used as a reference considering that the experience of the reviewer is a decisive factor in the final score. There are some other important characteristics taken into account, like an inventive gameplay and graphical performance, but ultimately, the reviewer will determine if the game represents a worthwhile experience. The review itself always contains arguments used to support the ideas or concepts the reviewer has about a game also.

Star Rating:

Excellent: the very best of the genre. For this, different considerations are necessary. The standards of technology are rapidly changing and some video games become obsolete as time passes by. But, the time of the release is a really important factor to take into account. As most games reviewed here are really old, the impact that they once had and their importance for the industry are of monumental significance.

Great: Great games that don’t reach excellence for some minor setbacks, they tend to be good and provide fun and enjoyable experiences to almost everyone who has the privilege of playing them.

Good: Games that have good qualities and some minor (but sometimes significant) problems, usually fun and entertaining and are worth playing. These games are particularly recommended for fans of the genre or those who are highly interested in them.

Mediocre: Poor games that either have more weaknesses than strengths or simply don’t work properly. These games are not fun and are usually disappointing.

Terrible: A barely functioning game that has multiple flaws. Don’t play it.

More guidelines:

The reviews in this blog are written with a specific buyer in mind, someone who is either a fan of the genre or is interested but has a limited amount of time to play and money to spend on it. The main purpose of the reviews is to tell the players which games are worth their time and which aren’t.

Every game is assessed individually without taking into account any assumptions, previews or preconceived ideas. Reviewing games is about being fair to everybody, it doesn’t matter if the publishers and developers come from big companies or are independent and all of them deserve the same time and attention.

Most of the reviewed games have been released a long time ago and that is one of the purposes of the blog, to inform people about popular and unknown classics. If the game holds-up by current standards the reviewer will directly refer to it, if not, he’ll explain what it once meant for the industry and how it changed it.

As all the gaming platforms are technically different, the reviewer adjusts his expectations accordingly. To have a fun experience you don’t need to have every single platform released to date and nobody should compare scores across platforms. There are times though, when comparisons are reasonable and even understandable, but that is not the sole reason of the reviews. Competition and innovation are highly taken into account. When a game is released there are standards of quality and usually a game (of the same platform) can be used as a source for comparison. To create a unique game it has to innovate in some way.

Playing a video game is all about having an enjoyable experience. This blog is about expressing and exchanging honest ideas about the industry and games in particular no matter how old they may be. Not every single game released will be reviewed as the main objective of the blog is to highlight all the video games I personally consider significant.

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