Top 10: Essential PSP Games

The PlayStation Portable had its problems, but the console had the support of so many developers that there was no shortage of games to play. Of course, its library of games isn’t as extensive as that of the PlayStation 2, for example, but there are so many games and from…

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The 10 Best Classic PC Games

If you ever wanted to play video games on the PC, there’s never been a better time. After all, there are several digital distribution services to choose from (such as GOG, Humble Store or Steam) with tons of titles, playing classic games is a remarkably easy and you have access…

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Top 10: Fighting Game Crossovers

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe The Joker Sonya

I love it when two dissimilar franchises or universes are mashed together in a fighting game because that’s something that wouldn’t make sense in any other genre. If we think about it, most fighting games are all about gameplay and competition and everything else is secondary, including a story. Below…

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10 of the Best Hack and Slash Games

Transformers Devastation Robots

There’s nothing as satisfying as a varied and entertaining action game where you can combine attacks to defeat minions and demons as gracefully as possible. Although hack-and-slash is a term that originated in the pen and paper role-playing game era (such as Dungeons and Dragons,) over the years the phrase…

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