Rock Band Review

Rock Band Wallpaper

Rock Band is a blast to play, but due to removed features and watered down visuals, the PlayStation 2 version offers a less than ideal experience. The Guitar Hero series revolutionized the rhythm game genre in ways that few other games did. But while using plastic guitars to play covers…

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Okami Review

Okami combines a Zelda-like structure with elements from Japanese folklore and the result of such a unique concoction is an experience that feels familiar yet remarkably fresh and original. During the PlayStation 2 era, the now defunct developer Clover Studio created some truly unique titles. The Viewtiful Joe series, for…

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Bully Review

Bully is one of the most engrossing open-world games ever made and one that’s hard to put down even after dozens of hours of playtime. Ask any person in the world what they think about secondary education and regardless of their of age, sex or where they live, I guarantee…

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Monster Rancher 3 Review

Monster Rancher 3 - Logo

Monster Rancher 3 can be tedious and repetitive, but it offers a unique experience that no other game of the PlayStation 2 era can match. The Monster Rancher series became quite popular during the PlayStation era for allowing players to generate monsters by introducing any CD-ROM from their collection in…

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State of Emergency Review

State of Emergency

Don’t let the Rockstar logo on the front of the box fool you, State of Emergency won’t hold your interest for long. What are the qualities that people usually associate with Rockstar-published games? While the most likely answer to this question is high levels of violence, Rockstar is also well…

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Jak 3 Review

Jak 3 Thumb

Jak 3 is a fitting conclusion to one of the best trilogies the PlayStation 2 has ever seen. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was a game that took everyone by surprised. The lighthearted platformer featured endearing characters, expertly designed levels, solid gameplay and on top of that, it had…

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Jak II Review

Jak 2 Logo

Even when Jak II has its fair share of problems, it still represents a solid entry in the series. If there’s something that characterizes video game sequels is that they are usually extremely similar to previous games in the series. There are multiple reasons why developers decide to play it…

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God of War II Review

The PlayStation 2’s swan song also happens to be one of the most lovingly crafted action-adventure titles ever made. The original God of War was one of those groundbreaking games you simply couldn’t afford to miss. The action-adventure title had incredibly fun combat, compelling puzzle-solving, gripping exploration, great pace and…

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