BreakQuest Review

BreakQuest PlayStation Mini Logo

BreakQuest is a generic Arkanoid clone that offers absolutely nothing new to the formula. As far as puzzle arcade games go, few titles have made such a tremendous impact as Arkanoid. Over the years, there have been numerous clones that have tried to replicate the game’s success by introducing new…

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1000 Tiny Claws Review

1000 Tiny Claws Logo

1000 Tiny Claws stands out for its colorful presentation, catchy music and engaging gameplay, but its high difficulty towards the end feels unnecessary. Mediatonic has released several titles on the PlayStation Minis program and most of them have stood out for their colorful presentation, catchy music and engaging gameplay. 1000…

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Galcon Labs Review

Galcon Labs Logo

Its ugly presentation, poorly explained rules, short campaign and lack of difficulty make Galcon Labs vapid and unimpressive from beginning to end. The PlayStation Minis program has always been about small and simple to understand titles and Galcon Labs is no exception to the rule. Sadly, its ugly presentation, poorly…

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Canabalt Review

Unless you don’t have a smartphone or a computer where you could play the free and clearly superior version of Canabalt, the PlayStation Minis version should be your last option. Endless runners are the kind of games that you can expect on certain platforms such as iOS, Android, web browsers…

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Wizorb Review

Although it manages to introduce some refreshingly unique ideas, Wizorb misses more than it hits, resulting in a frustrating and uneven experience that’s hard to recommend. How do you create something completely new in an already established franchise? That’s something that has always fascinated me as a fan of video…

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Zombie Tycoon Review

If you’re willing to overlook some of its problems, you’ll have a great time with Zombie Tycoon. What’s it like being a zombie? Have you ever asked yourself this question before shooting their heads off, amputating their limbs or making fun of the way they walk? Probably not because if…

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Coconut Dodge Review

Coconut Dodge is a cheap, lighthearted and highly addictive game that has the potential to take dozens of hours of your life. The PlayStation Minis were supposed to be cheap, engaging and highly replayable titles, but in the end, the initiative ended up being quite disappointing. Although there are dozens…

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