Patapon Review


Part rhythm game, god game, RPG and action game, Patapon is one of the most refreshingly unique titles to ever grace the PSP. Over the years, the PlayStation Brand has seen the release of some charmingly distinctive rhythm titles such as PaRappa the Rapper, Vib Ribbon, Frequency, Amplitude and later…

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Little Big Planet PSP Review

The PSP version of Little Big Planet captures the essence that made the original such a refreshingly unique title. The PlayStation 3 version of Little Big Planet was a superb title because it offered the simple, yet quite impressive premise known as Play, Create and Share. In 2009, one year…

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Rock Band Unplugged Review

Rock Band Unplugged’s gentle learning curve, varied soundtrack and solid gameplay create a terrifically enjoyable portable experience. Frequency and Amplitude were two of the first games to have popularized the music genre in America. These titles were just amazing as they were refreshingly unique, had interesting mechanics, an engrossing gameplay…

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