More than a Game Review

More than a Game intends to be a definitive guide to everything Street Fighter and tries to convey what makes EVO such an important competition and for the most part, it succeeds. Over the years, there have been several documentaries that explored fighting games and the community surrounding them. At…

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EVO: A Documentary Review

EVO: A Documentary paints a clear picture of what participating in the Evolution Championship Series feels like from the perspective of a professional player. For some people, the Evolution Championship Series (or EVO for short,) which is an annual fighting game tournament that features some of the best fighting games…

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Double Fine Adventure Review

The Double Fine Adventure documentary series is a rare look into the development of one of the most surprising stories in the video game industry and no fan of Double Fine, adventure games or the medium should miss it. With one Kickstarter campaign, San Francisco-based developer Double Fine inadvertently changed…

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Atari: Game Over Review

Atari: Game Over is an intriguing documentary that anyone interested in video games should watch. Dubbed “The greatest video game burial of 1983”. the event was considered one of the greatest mysteries of all time. According to the legend, the Atari Corporation was on the crest of the wave when…

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State of Play Review

Jae Dong & Kespa 8Th Team State of Play

State of Play focuses on one of the most interesting aspects of video games (read: eSports) and not only is the documentary entertaining, but also accessible to those who have never heard of StarCraft before. Ever since StarCraft was released in Korea, the game became a sort of national past-time.…

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King of Chinatown Review

King of Chinatown (thumb)

Despite the use of some obscure references, King of Chinatown provides a truly insightful look at the lives of those who play video games professionally. The fighting game community is a complete mystery even to most of the people who work in the video game industry. King of Chinatown attempts…

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Indie Game: The Movie Review

Indie Game The Movie Logo

Indie Game: The Movie is evocative, inspiring and genuinely touching. At one point during the documentary, Phil Fish explains how overwhelmingly stressful the process of working on the same video game for the past four years has been. When he’s asked: “What would happen to you personally if you couldn’t…

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